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Our Mission

To provide a safe, secure, controlled, and fun community airport environment by:

Fostering an airport community by encouraging and empowering the airport tenants to have a personal stake in the airport, Ensuring compliance with all Airport rules and Regulations, educating the public and airport users of airport operational concerns, and taking a proactive approach in maintaining the Limington-Harmon Airport to the highest standards.

We at the Limington Airport Authority L.L.C. honor the rich history of the Limington Harmon Airport, and wish to insure that it continues to serve the local community well into the future.

About Limington Airport Authority Team

  • Mahmoud Kanj, President holds Two degrees a Master in Business Administration from Salem State College and a Bachelor of Science in Aviation (Airway electronic System Engineering) from Suffolk University. Mahmoud is also a commercial pilot, instrument rated since 1993 with over 600 hours of flying time., Mahmoud Kanj was a part owner of Coastline Aviation at the Pease International Airport in Portsmouth, NH.

  • Andrew Pomeroy, Airport Manger has better than 10 years experience in the field of Airport Management and is a Certified Member of the American Association of Airport Executives. He holds two degrees in Aviation Management and Flight Operations from Daniel Webster College, one of the nations leading aviation colleges. Andrew Pomeroy is currently employed as the Senior Airport Operations Supervisor / Airport Emergency Management Coordinator at the Pease International Airport in Portsmouth, NH. Andrew is also an active pilot with time in a dozen different aircraft types spanning his diverse aviation career.

    "In the spirit of those who came before, and in the dreams of those yet to soar." - Limington Harmon Airport